December 1, 2019
ipvanish review

IPVanish Review


The need for online privacy and anonymity has increased every year: hackers are an ever-present threat, as they can intercept your connection and steal your passwords. Even your credit cards numbers are at risk of being duplicated and used without your authorization.

You can solve a lot of those security threats by?hiring a reliable VPN service. Virtual Private Networks, or VPN, can?mask the users’ IP address?and hide all of their shared data and traffic with the intention of avoiding being visible online.

The Internet is full of VPN clients of all types: free, paid, quality, and mediocre, there are dozens of providers out there. But only a few of them can claim to offer a complete, reliable service, and one of the most widely acclaimed is IPVanish. This article will give you in-depth insights of IPVanish. Stay tuned.

ipvanish review

IPVanish Review

With most of the VPN industry agreeing on its high speeds and overall good performance, IPVanish is one of the top five VPN clients available for users around the world. Based on the United States, IPVanish offers exciting features to go along with the ability to surf the web privately and anonymously.

IPVanish, being arguably the fastest VPN service provider in the field, is ideally suited for streaming lovers, even those that like to watch HD multimedia content. Users will have an almost no-hassle experience, but since it has so many configuration options, it may not be perfect for beginners in the VPN world.

Other features include the allowance of P2P activity, which means an excellent environment for torrenting is permitted, with safe downloads. IPVanish lets users configure their privacy needs and preferences, and it has over 850 servers in 60 countries around the world.

IPVanish makes sure you can implement strong encryption, which means that the data you share while connected will not be available to prying eyes around the web. The Windows client may be a little confusing, but overall, this option delivers outstanding service.

It has a desktop and mobile client, breakneck speeds in the UK and Europe, and highly configurable software as its primary positive points. The slowness of the customer and support service is another drawback.

IPVanish Servers

While IPVanish can’t offer 90, 80 or even 70 countries for the connection like a handful of other VPNs can, it is more than covered in that area, with over 850 servers in 60 nations strategically located around the globe.

Imagine having the possibility of accessing sites, series, movies, streaming channels, torrent pages and other services from 60 nations worldwide: it is a dream scenario for people who love to get entertainment options on the web.

ipvanish review for servers

Although it doesn’t have a server in Russia, IPVanish is prevalent in European countries, and also in its hometown, the United States of America: there, it has more than 400 servers in 17 different cities.

IPVanish for Netflix

Unfortunately, IPVanish is one of the victims of Netflix’s efforts to bring down VPN attempts to spoof the users’ location and access distinct geographical regions. The company blocked IPVanish’s servers, and thus users can’t enjoy the international content of this online multimedia platform.

However, and since the currently reviewed VPN choice has the United States as its hometown, the American Netflix region (which has by far the most exciting and complete library of movies, TV series, and productions) is available in IPVanish. If you are big on Netflix, you might want to read our guide on?best Netflix VPN.

IPVanish for Kodi

Kodi, as an open source multimedia platform, is a perfect choice for streaming addicts, as they don’t have to pay the Netflix’s subscription fee to enjoy the best movies, series, documentaries, short features, musicals, and other productions.

Kodi functions with?official and unofficial add-ons. Since lots of them are available internationally, they can’t be unblocked from any location unless you have a VPN. IPVanish is one of the?best VPN for Kodi?users because of its 60 countries (that means, you can get add-ons from 60 nations!) and incredible speeds.

To run Kodi with your IPVanish VPN account, you just need to execute the app or client, depending on your device, and that’s it! You will have unlimited access to all the add-ons from anywhere you want.

IPVanish for Torrents

If you don’t encrypt your traffic and cover your identity, the Internet’s prying eyes will be able to see what you are doing. That, combined with some countries’ laws regarding torrenting and P2P activity, can limit your online experience and entertainment.

Fortunately, VPN services can help you with that. IPVanish, in particular, provides an excellent atmosphere for torrenting and P2P activity, letting you interact without having to worry about governmental institutions prohibiting you from doing that.

There is nothing like torrenting with 100% privacy, and to do it, IPVanish is the perfect tool, providing a safe environment and advanced features, such as the SOCKSS5 technology that allows you to be completely anonymous.

IPVanish for FireStick

The amazing Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular streaming devices in the planet right now, as it is highly portable and users can carry it around and use it wherever and whenever they may see fit. However, when combined with IPVanish, it works at its absolute best, because it protects the user from hackers and other threats with robust encryption and all the major protocols and it lets them access sites and content from 60 nations worldwide. In addition, IPVanish provides some of the fastest speeds in the industry, a perfect situation for streaming lovers. You can read more about the best VPN for FireStick.

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